Posted by: OHgalinSoCal | May 16, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

It’s Thursday. Let’s talk about quenching thirst. It’s Thirsty Thursday!

Sorry gang, no throw back to the old college days here. No college ID night going on (do they still do that?!). 

We’re gonna discuss plain ol’, nothing fancy, some of you hate it…..water. Yep. Water. The kind you drink. Not the kind you bathe in, swim in or lounge by. Sorry Ohio friends, no swimming in the ocean, basking on the SoCal beaches post here. Gosh, am I full of disappointments today. ruh-ruh.

Now let’s get back to water. You should drink it. And you should drink a lot of it. Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m not challenging you to one of those “Man vs Food- Water Edition” type episodes. You don’t need to go drinking a keg or wheel barrel of water. But you do need to take in more than a Dixie cup worth of H2O. 

You should want to drink water. It has so many wonderful health benefits. It flushes out toxins, aids in digestion, helps with having healthier hair and skin, and can even help you lose weight. Water consumption naturally reduces your appetite, which can prevent over eating. Also, keeping well hydrated helps boosts that metabolism! Hot diggity-dog! Next time, before reaching for a second helping at dinner, reach for your water glass instead. 

Now, how much is enough? We’ve all heard the water rule of drink eight 8oz glasses of water a day. Well, new studies are showing, that’s not enough. Men need roughly about 13 cups a day, and women about 9. Of course if you’re active and exercise, you’ll need to take in more. Also, weather contributes to your need for water intake. Obviously, if it’s hot out, you need to drink more. Not only does it feel good to quench thirst on those hot days, but your body is working hard to keep you cool and emitting a lot of water through sweat, so it’s going to need you to up the ante on that water business. I read a great article from the Mayo Clinic discussing adequate intake on water. 

I know, I know. You’re thinking to yourself, that’s a heck of a lot of water! How in the world do I drink all that water?! I’m gonna share some tips with you. 

Have you seen the movie “Signs” with Mel Gibson in it? Do you remember how the little girl Bo has water glasses all over the house? That’s me. And now that needs to be you too. My husband has always lovingly teased me about the fact that I have water bottles everywhere- in the kitchen, behind the throw pillows on the couch (my kids haven’t figured out that water bottle hiding spot yet, so that’s usually the safe one that doesn’t get toddler backwash in it), the car and my nightstand. Before I go to bed I take a big swig of water. Right when I wake up, I take an even bigger swig of water. Remember that whole aids in digestion thing? Drinking water right when you wake up helps gets things moving, ifyaknowwhatImean. 

I don’t leave my house without a water bottle in tow. I take one everywhere. And I mean everywhere– taking Big Brother to school, the grocery store, other people’s houses, if I’m in the car, I have a water bottle. 

I remember one time my husband and I were going out to dinner, on a date (those are fun, we should do those more), and he joked with me, as I climbed in the car with my cute outfit, high heels (um hello, 2 kids and a job at the gym, who wears those anymore?!), hair and make up did, and my pink Thermos water bottle, “ya know, they will have water at the restaurant”. My response, “I KNOW!! But what if I get thirsty in the car, on the way to the restaurant!” In typical LA fashion, we hit traffic on our way to dinner. Guess who got thirsty in the car? 

So go get yourself a Nalgene, or Thermos or Camelbak, or whatever re-useable water bottle floats your boat (be eco-friendly people, stay away from the disposables), keep it constantly filled with water, and marry it. Keep it with you always and forever. 



My favorite water bottle has numbers with a moveable indicator underneath them so I can keep track of how many servings I’ve had. You can get a water bottle like that, write down on paper how much water you’ve had, download some smart phone app for water counting (I’m sure there must be one, there’s an app for everything else!), or for you smarty-pants out there, do the math in your head. 



For my friends out there who are all, “I hate water! It’s so flavorless, it just tastes like…water”. Well then let’s talk about how to dress it up. 

I know we’ve all seen and probably even used, Crystal Light, or any other brand of “put me in your water, I’ll make it taste so yummy and I’m little to no calories” product. Please don’t use those. They’re nothing but artificial flavors and colors. Ruh-ruh, more disappointing news. Trust me, I used to NutriSweet it up with the best of them. But then something happens to you (frankly, it’s usually ’cause you’re getting older- why does that number behind the three keep getting higher and higher?!), and you realize you need to be nice to your body, and stop putting chemically crap in it. 

Instead, add natural flavors to your water. I’m sure you have all seen the likes of me at restaurants, “I’d like lemon in my ice water, please”. Follow suit. All the cool kids are doing it. Not in the, “Abercrombie & Fitch asshole I make people feel bad about themselves” kind of cool-kid way. But in the, “I’m a healthy person who thinks my body deserves good stuff, and I smile at old ladies and wave at babies and hold doors open for people, ’cause I’m such a nice person” kind of cool kid way.

Another way I like to dress up my water (see, isn’t this getting fun?! Look at all the cool things you can do with water! <nerd alert>), is with frozen fruit. Especially now that summer’s coming and it’s getting hot. If you add frozen fruit to your water, it will help keep it cold, as well as infuse your water with the fruit flavor. Fruit infused water! That’s what they serve in the lobbies of fancy hotels and nice resorts. Who needs to go there when you can fruit infuse your own water?! (I do. I need to go there.)

Since I’m lucky enough to have a lemon tree in my backyard (I know Ohio friends, I know!!), my favorite combo is lemon with frozen strawberries. After a few hours it tastes like a guilt-free strawberry lemonade. So good! I’ve also used cucumber and mint, and mixed berries, like blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries (high in antioxidants) with a tiny squirt of honey. 



So, step away from the soda and juice, get yourself a fancy, bedazzled re-useable water bottle (if that’s your thang), and start chugging. 



Bottoms up. Happy Thirsty Thursday. 


How do you drink your water? Do you dress it up all fancy like, or are you more of a Plain Jane?



  1. I just bought a fruit infuser pitcher from Target for $7.99 and have been keeping cold, infused water in the fridge and using it to fill my water bottles. My mom liked my strawberry mint so much I bought her her own pitcher for Mother’s Day! My rule of thumb is to take your weight, divide it in half and that’s a minimum of how many ounces you should drink (adding more if you’re physically active). And yes, my Livestrong calorie counter app does track my water too!

    • I’ve seen those water pitchers- I want one!! I knew there had to a water counting app!

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