Posted by: OHgalinSoCal | October 28, 2013

Be Happy, it’s Monday!

Good Monday Morning! 

Fall has finally hit SoCal. It’s a beautiful, crisp, slightly overcast morning. I love it! I love Fall! 

On days on cooler Fall days like this I know a lot of people want to stay in bed all cozy with their blankets. I like to get out there and enjoy the weather. It’s perfect weather for going for a run or a walk. It’s a gorgeous day to go play at the park with my kiddos. It’s a great day to run errands. I would rather go grocery shopping on a cooler, overcast day than a blistering hot summer day. It’s much easier to drag myself, my kid(s) and groceries around in cooler weather, than miserable sweltering hot temps. 

In addition to being a cooler Fall morning, it’s also…..Monday. I think just saying “Monday” induces moans and groans from people. Another reason people want to stay cuddled in bed with their blankies. 

I know, the beloved weekend is over, and it feels like forever until you get another one. But it’s Monday! It’s the start of a brand new week. Whatever happened last week, stays there. You get to do it all over this week. But you get a chance to do it better

I really like Mondays. I am probably my most productive on Mondays. I like to wake up and get sh*t done. It sets the tone for my week. And this week friends, it’s going to be a really good week! I can just feel it! (And it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that it’s my birthday week, and Halloween. Ok…..well maybe a little.) 

Instead of waking up on Mondays and being all grumbly and growly that you have to make it through another week, approach it the other way. With a different perspective….”Good Monday morning! I get another chance this week, this day, this minute. I am going to make the most of it, and give the very best I have.” 

Think back on all your previous weeks. When Friday finally rolled around, were you all Ugh, thank gawd it’s finally Friday. It has been such a long, awful week.”? And if you were, how did you start your Monday of that same week? Was it with a growly, grumbly, “Dammit, it’s Monday. I hate Mondays!” attitude? Do you think the two just might be correlated? 

So maybe, just maybe if you start your week on a positive note, embrace your new Monday instead of loathing it, your Friday might look a little different. It might be more like, “Yay, it’s Friday! What a great week! I’m so excited to enjoy my weekend!”

Life is all about perspective. You will see what you keep telling yourself is there. If you keep telling yourself you’re having a bad day, you have bad luck , or that the universe is out to get you because you hit every dang red light on the way to work, then guess what, you will make yourself believe you are having a bad day. All the while you may be missing all the wonderful things that are happening. While you’re busy bitching about the red lights you might miss and not appreciate the laughing, energetic elementary school kids crossing at the crosswalk (causing your red light), as they go start their new week, their new day of learning something new. You might have totally disregarded and not offered a “thank you” wave to the person who let you cut in front of them while trying to merge in traffic. 

You receive what you put out there. You reap what you sow, we’ve all heard that one. So if you’re the person who always gets the grumpy barista, or the rude cashier maybe consider the common denominator- you. People reciprocate what they receive. If you’re less than pleasant to them, well you should be prepared for them to be less than pleasant to you. Others are nice to “happy” people not because the “happy” people are lucky, but because they’re nice! People will be nice to people who are nice to them. 

We’ve all been taught the golden rule. A very important rule we should all know and practice. “Treat others they way you want to be treated.” It sounds simple enough. Sadly, so many people still fail miserably at implementing this.

Maybe it’s because of Mondays. If we were less grouchy towards Monday, maybe Monday would be a little nicer to us. Then Tuesday through Friday would have no choice but to follow suit. 

So there ya go friends, be nicer to Monday. Be happier to see Monday. Embrace and enjoy Monday. It just might change your day. Your week. Even your life. 

Helllloooooo Monday! 

Now go out there and enjoy the new start to your new week! 







  1. These are some simple reminders that are sometimes easy to forget!

    Life’s Little Instructions
    “Sing in the shower.
    Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.
    Watch a sunrise at least once a year.
    Leave the toilet seat in the down position.
    Never refuse homemade brownies.
    Strive for excellence, not perfection.
    Plant a tree on your birthday.
    Learn 3 clean jokes.
    Return borrowed vehicles with the gas tank full.
    Compliment 3 people every day.
    Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them.
    Leave everything a little better than you found it.
    Keep it simple.
    Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.
    Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.
    Floss your teeth.
    Ask for a raise when you think you’ve earned it.
    Overtip breakfast waitresses.
    Be forgiving of yourself and others.
    Say, “Thank you” a lot.
    Say, “Please” a lot.
    Avoid negative people.
    Buy whatever kids are selling on card tables in their front yards.
    Wear polished shoes.
    Remember other people’s birthdays.
    Commit yourself to constant improvement.
    Carry jumper cables in your truck.
    Have a firm handshake.
    Send lots of Valentine cards.
    Sign them, “Someone who thinks you’re terrific.”
    Look people in the eye.
    Be the first to say hello.
    Use the good silver.
    Return all things you borrow.
    Make new friends, but cherish the old ones.
    Keep a few secrets.
    Sing in a choir.
    Plant flowers every spring.
    Have a dog (or cat).
    Always accept an outstretched hand.
    Stop blaming others.
    Take responsibility for every area of your life.
    Wave at kids on school busses.
    Be there when people need you.
    Feed a stranger’s expired parking meter.
    Don’t expect life to be fair.
    Never underestimate the power of love.
    Drink champagne for no reason at all.
    Live your life as an exclamation, not an explanation.
    Don’t be afraid to say, “I made a mistake.”
    Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know.”
    Compliment even small improvements.
    Keep your promises no matter what.
    Marry for love.
    Rekindle old friendships.
    Count your blessings.
    Call your mother.” (seems like father should be included…)
    by H. Jackson Brown Jr.

    Happy almost birthday, good job on reminding us to be happy!

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