Posted by: OHgalinSoCal | October 31, 2013

A Birthday Stolen

“There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft…” ~The Kite Runner

In case you didn’t catch my last post, yesterday was my birthday. Friends, it was not a great day. It was a bad day. The fact that it was a bad day on my birthday, well that just made it worse.

Before I tell you what happened, just let me say it could’ve been worse. I know it could’ve been worse. You’ll know it could’ve been worse. Now knowing that it could’ve been worse, please refrain from telling me it could’ve been worse.

I am a rather “let’s look for the bright side” kind of person. I don’t like to be down. I don’t enjoy having bad days, so I will try really hard to focus on what is good versus what is bad. But sometimes there are just bad days. And it’s perfectly okay to just accept that it’s a bad day. And that’s what I had to do yesterday. Just chuck it up to being a bad day.

When people are having bad days, bad moments, I personally don’t think it helps them to tell them, “it could be worse.” I feel that is a rather unsympathetic response. You know it that does? It makes them feel worse. Because now they think they’re an a**hole for complaining about their bad day when there are kids dying of cancer. Not cool.

Unless of course it’s someone complaining that they only won $80 million in the lottery and not $120 million. Then you can tell them it could be worse!

Otherwise, I think the more appropriate thing to say to someone who’s having a rough time is, “Wow, you’re right, that sucks. I hope it gets better.” People don’t always need you to fix their problems, but they sure do appreciate someone who will listen.

So, now that we all know it could be worse, let me tell you about my day….

Yesterday I woke up happy and excited. It’s my birthday! I was excited to see what the day would be, and ready to start another year.

Sadly, my youngest son was sick. He had been fighting something for a few days, so I thought it was time to take him to the doctor. Unplanned trip to the pediatrician’s office on my birthday. No big deal. My babies come first.

When I picked my oldest son up from school he told me his belly was upset. I asked him how long it had been upset and he told me, “I drank some of my friend’s chocolate milk at lunch because he told me to, it tasted funny and now my belly feels sick.” Yuck. Upset bellies are no fun. Poor kid. Once again my babies come first.

I then received a phone call from my parents telling me that the box they were sending me, that was supposed to be there sometime in the afternoon wasn’t going to be showing up. The box that my mom had meticulously packed with all my birthday presents (that she took the time to individually wrap), some Halloween decorations she was passing on to me from my childhood, as well as the boys’ Halloween buckets and treats, had been stolen. And not just stolen, but someone at UPS had taken the time to open the box, remove all the contents including a bracelet my sister purchased for me from Italy, and then re-tape the box and still try to have it shipped.

Dear Jerkface UPS worker, you suck. 

Now if you know me at all, you know that I am not a materialistic person. I don’t care about stuff, and I don’t hold value in things. I cherish my people, and my special moments with them. So I could care less about the stuff that was stolen. I care more about the fact that my mom is devastated. That my dad is furious. All the time, effort, thought and money they put into that box to surprise my boys and me, is gone.

What I’m upset about is the fact that this person stole our moments. They stole my moment of being excited as I opened the box, removed all the contents and got to ooh and ahh over it. The moment where I got to pull out each Halloween decoration my mom was handing down to me to share with my family, and get all nostalgic at the memories it brought back for me. The moment where I called my parents to thank them as they got to listen to my boys squealing in the background at all the cool Halloween treats Grandma & Papa sent them. Those moments were robbed by some person who felt they were entitled to our things.

Theft is more than just taking another person’s belongings. It’s about stealing their moments, memories, confidence, safety and trust.

Now I know how my mom is. I know she will march her sad, angry self back to the mall and re-purchase everything that was in the box (with the exception of the bracelet from Italy from my sister, and the Halloween decorations), she will wrap all the replacement purchases, and I will still get a birthday box.

I just feel bad that my parents now have to fight with UPS on their missing contents, itemize receipts, and now forever be paranoid when shipping something to me. Not fun for them, at all.

After the whole sick kids, UPS debacle, my husband felt sad for me so he thought I should get out of the house for a bit. I decided I would go exchange the running shoes he got me as a birthday gift for a different size. As I was waiting to pull in a parking spot at the running store (which is a very tiny lot with very few parking spaces), a very impatient woman didn’t want to wait for me to pull in the spot so she decided to block traffic by pulling around me, blocking in the person who was pulling out of the said parking spot. Even though her lack of patience and sense of entitlement put her in the wrong, she decided to yell some unpleasantries at me. She felt compelled to tell me, when all I was doing was waiting for the parking spot, that I was “fu*#ing brain dead”, I was being a “stupid bitch for just sitting there” (ummm, waiting to pull in the spot lady!), and that I was “a waste of human space and just needed to DIE!” That was the fire on top of the candles on top of the icing on top of the gluten-free birthday cake that I never even got to eat. Friends, the bad luck of the day caught up to me. I pulled in the parking spot (once the previous occupant was finally able to pull out once the mean lady was finally gone), and I just cried. Now I know that woman clearly has much bigger issues that just being mad at me for waiting for a parking space. I know her issues are not my fault. But those were some harsh words! They were downright mean! I mean seriously, over a parking spot?! Dang! What if some one actually does something on purpose to her? I feel really bad for any customer service rep who ever has to deal with the wrath of her!

After that, I decided birthday or not, it was just not my day. So I safely retreated home with some gluten-free pizza, The Nightmare Before Christmas and my three favorite guys. And that was the best part. Being safe and sound at home surrounded by the love of my husband and two little boys.

Happy Birthday to me!




  1. Greetings! I hope you enjoyed the holidays! My name is Heather and I was hoping you would be willing to answer a question I have about your blog! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com 🙂

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